Biscuit Cake with Cream Napoleon

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Biscuit Cake with Cream Napoleon
Image: Sia Ribagina
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Preparation25 min.
Cook15 min.
Тotal40 min.
"We found that love at first sight does exist - it`s a juicy and uniquely delicious combination of biscuit cake and Cream Napoleon."


  • biscuits - 2 packets plain + 2 packets cocoa
  • Napoleon Cream
  • milk - 4 1/5 cups (1 L)
  • butter - 1/2 cup (125 g)
  • flour - 7 tablespoons
  • sugar - 1 cup
  • eggs - 3
  • vanilla - 2 packets
  • for decoration
  • chocolate
  • fruits - of your choice

How to cook

For the cream, pour 3 1/3 cups (800 ml) of the milk in a casserole, put it on the stove and heat it up. Add the vanilla, butter and sugar, leave to boil.

Heat the rest of the milk just a bit and while stirring nonstop add the eggs and flour, taking care to avoid lumps from forming.

Once the milk in the casserole comes to a boil, pour the egg mixture in a very thin trickle to it and beat vigorously nonstop to obtain a smooth, fluffy cream.

Start assembling the cake: arrange a layer of plain biscuits in a rectangular tray, pour on a few ladles of the hot cream, even it out, arrange a layer of cocoa biscuits, cream again and so on to the end, finishing off with cream.

Leave thus prepared cake to cool and finish off by decorating with chocolate and fruits as desired.

Notes: You don't need to syrup the biscuits if you pour the still hot cream over them. Otherwise, you can syrup them with compote juice.

You can use a round form if you don't have a suitable rectangular one. Fill the gaps with crumbled biscuits like I did. :)


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