Easy Recipe for Lazy Bowels

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"Get your lazy bowels moving with this easy recipe."
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  • flax - 1 tsp
  • mineral water - 1/2 cup


This recipe is easy to prepare and very effective in treating lazy bowels, irregular bowel movements or chronic constipation.

Pour 1 tsp of raw flax into a cup and pour 1/2 cup mineral water over it, at night before bed. Stir lightly and leave it at room temperature until the morning - it needs to sit at least 8 hours.

In the morning, eat the seeds with the water on an empty stomach. There won't be hardly any water left because the seeds will have swollen and absorbed the liquid. If there is any left it'll be like jelly.

This is a single dose, make it every day. Optionally, you can mix it with yoghurt, add it to a smoothie, oatmeal porridge or cornflakes as an addition to your breakfast.

If you'd like to do a full cleanse of your digestive system, increase the quantity of flax to 2 tsp during the 2nd week, then to 3 tsp on the 3rd week, lower it back to 2 tsp on the 4th and after that continue with the initial dosage of 1 tsp per day.

You can take it for as long as you like and there's no side effects.


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