Caramel Cream Delight

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"Your own delight is guaranteed with these Caramel Cream Delights."
Preparation18 min.
Cooking15 min.
Тotal33 min.
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  • milk - 2 1/5 cups (550 ml)
  • confectionery cream - 4/5 cup (200 ml) liquid
  • sugar - 7 tablespoons
  • corn starch - 3 tablespoons
  • eggs - 1
  • dark chocolate - 2 oz (50 g)
  • white chocolate - for decoration, optional


1. Put a pot with 5 tbsp sugar on a moderate stove. Once it caramelizes to a dark golden, pour the heated milk in in a thin trickle. Stir intensively until the caramel dissolve completely in the milk and the liquid starts simmering on the stove. Lower the stove about 3 settings to low.

2. Separately, beat the egg with 2/5 cup (100 ml) of the cream, remaining sugar and the starch. If you prefer a sweeter taste you can add more sugar. The starch tablespoons need to be full - with a slight peak.

3. Pour the egg-cream mixture in a thin trickle to the caramelized milk and stir until the cream thickens. To make it fluffy and soft, it's best to beat with a whisk.

4. Distribute into bowls and leave to harden, then prepare the chocolate topping by putting the remaining cream with the dark chocolate on low to moderate heat.

Once the chocolate melts and the mixture becomes homogeneous (stir to facilitate this process), pour the chocolate topping over the bowls of cream and leave to cool.

Optionally, grate the white chocolate over the cooled dessert.

You can consume immediately after it cools or leave it in the fridge to harden even more.



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