Elaborate Fluffy Tutmanik

Darth Vader
"The name says it all, the taste is astounding."
Preparation25 min.
Cooking35 min.
Тotal60 min.
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  • flour - 3 cups (700 g) + some for kneading
  • yeast - 1 2/3 tbsp (25 g) live
  • eggs - 3
  • butter - 1/5 cup (70 g) melted
  • lard - 1 1/3 tbsp (20 g) melted
  • water - 1 cup (250 ml)
  • yoghurt - 5 - 6 tablespoons (thick)
  • milk - 1/5 cup (70 ml)
  • salt - 1 tbsp
  • sugar - 1 tbsp
  • feta cheese - about 10.5 oz (300 g) or to taste


I called it fluffy because, you guessed it, it turns out soft, fluffy and quite puffy. Perhaps the best I've ever tried.

There's several simple steps to follow and not too much kneading involved:

1. Dissolve the yeast in 1/2 the slightly warmed water with the sugar and 2 tbsp flour. Leave to effervesce.

2. Sift the flour in a bowl, make a well in the middle of it. Beat the eggs lightly (minus 1 yolk) with the salt, yoghurt and milk and pour the mixture into the well, along with the effervescent yeast and remaining water.

3. Knead a dough, while gradually adding a little of the melted butter and lard at a time until the dough has absorbed nearly 1/2 of them. If it's runny, sprinkle a little flour but don't overdo it - the dough needs to remain soft. Oil your hands so it doesn't stick.

4. Oil the bottom and sides of a 10 1/4″ (26 cm) diameter form. Divide the dough into 5-6 equal-sized parts and shape balls. Stretch out each one with your fingers (generously dipped in the oil) to the size of the tray and arrange them in it, putting crumbled feta cheese between each one. Leave to rise in a warm area about 1 hour; I recommend heating the oven to 113°F (45 °C), putting the tutmanik in it and then turning it off.

5. Smear it with the egg yolk beaten with a little milk and bake in a preheated 392°F (200 °C) about 35 min. to a dry toothpick. After the 15th min., lower oven to 356°F (180 °C).

Smear the ready, still-warm tutmanik with the remaining oil.

Bon appetit!


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