Detox Beverage with Lemons for Effective Bodily Cleansing

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"A Detox Beverage with Lemons for good health and long life."
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  • lemons - 3 1/2
  • water - about 1 gal (4 L)


I call it my lemon diet. You have to follow it over the course of a week in order for it to kick off its incredible detox, cleansing effect for the whole body. Simple, easy to carry out and pleasant for consumption.

The healthy properties of lemons are no secret but by applying this week-long diet I guarantee a lasting, effective result that won't put strain on your body.

Implementing it is as follows:

Every morning, squeeze out lemon juice into water (the more the better). The 1st day use 1/2 lemon, the 2nd day 1 whole lemon, the 3rd - 1 1/2 lemons. Keep increasing the amount of lemon each day by 1/2 until you get to 3 1/2 on the 7th day.

You can drink the lemon water on an empty stomach for an even better effect; in that case it'll melt away fat as well.

You can drink it throughout the whole day, little by little, especially during the final days when you'll need to be drinking 3 or 3 1/2 lemons' worth of juice (use at least 3 1/3 cups (800 ml) water) and it might be difficult for you drink it in a short period of time.

You'll feel your body toned, fresh, with the constant feeling of hunger disappeared and even if you overeat on a particular day it's not going to feel heavy.

I've been using this "lemon diet" for years as a prophylactic and I guarantee results, which you'll feel from day 1, and by the last day your body will have gotten rid of the undesirable toxins.

I hope more people try it out and share their results.


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