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Iced Tea of Ginger, Mint and Lemon

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Iced Tea of Ginger, Mint and Lemon
Image: Yordanka Kovacheva
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Preparation10 min.
Cooking15 min.
Тotal25 min.
"Aromatic freshness and a natural immunostimulant - the perfect summer drink."


  • lemons - 1
  • mint - 1 handful of fresh leaves
  • ginger - 1 1/3 tbsp (20 g)
  • honey - 2 tablespoons or taste
  • water - 3 cups (700 ml)
  • For the mint ice
  • mint - small leaves

How to make

In ice trays, put a small mint leaf in each holder, top off with water and freeze. This is going to be your mint ice, an excellent addition, beautiful, while adding extra freshness and taste.

Peel and chop the ginger and lemon into coarse pieces. Wash the mint thoroughly under running water.

Put a container with the water on high heat and once boiling, put the ginger and lemon in, leave the mint for later. Lower the heat to moderate and boil under a lid for 15 min.

Remove from the heat, put the mint leaves in the hot concoction, cover again to steep it. Leave to cool completely and strain.

Sweeten with the honey. It needs to be runny, not crystallized because the latter would be difficult to dissolve in the cooled liquid. Don't dissolve while hot because that way it loses its beneficial properties!

While you've been doing all this your ice should have become ready (if not, wait for it). Distribute the cold tea into 2 suitable cups and drop cubes of beautiful mint ice in each.

Enjoy this cooling and healthy iced tea, both as a refreshment and as a way to boost the immune system.


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