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White Elderberry Syrup

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White Elderberry Syrup
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Preparation60 min.
Тotal60 min.
"And here`s the recipe for bottling the aroma of spring in several easy steps."


  • elderberries - 35 flowers, white
  • sugar - 6.5 lb (3 kg)
  • water - 12 1/2 cups (3 L)
  • lemons - 5 - 6

How to make

Clean the flowers and wash them. Put them in a large container, sprinkle with the sugar and pour on the water. Stir and leave for 24 hours in the fridge, be sure to stir occasionally to help the sugar dissolve.

Wash the lemons well because you'll be needing the rinds as well. Dice them, add them to the container with the flowers, sugar and water. Stir again and leave for 24 hours in the fridge once again.

Once time's up, strain the mixture, take the lemons and flowers left behind and strain them using a cheesecloth, stir the resulting syrup and distribute it into bottles with metal caps.

Pour cold water into a deep pot or tray, enough to cover the bottle caps, then flip the bottles with the caps down. Bring to a boil and let the caps seal for 5-10 min. Take the bottles out, let them cool, rinse and put them away.

The syrup has a shelf life of about 1 year.

Before consumption, dilute with water as desired, add a slice of fresh lemon and leaves of fresh mint. When it's hot out, add a few ice cubes too. It's an incredibly aromatic, refreshing beverage with a nice taste.

It's the only non-alcoholic beverage that everyone at home can't get enough of.

This recipe yields about 1.5 gal (5 L) of syrup.


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